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Maserati Race Transportset

is born from the 100% made in Italy cooperation of Brumm with the firm Old Cars.
The truck Fiat 642 RN builded from Bartoletti in Modena has been manufactured
and painted in two colours : Giallo Modena and Blu Maserati and used at the
Italian Grand Prix in Monza in 1957 to transport the leggendary Maserati 250F
winner with Fangio the F.1 World Championship. The model has been improved and
updated with new and photogravures parts. Available in the package RTS03 that
enclosed a Transporter Fiat 642RN, 3 Maserati 250F, 2 drivers, 2 mechanics, 2
set of tires and in the package TS03 that enclosed a Transporter 642RN, a
Maserati 250F and 2 set of tires. To complete the GS03 Garage Set with
mechanics, accessories and the two cars of the Scuderia Centro Sud.

Skala 1:43

5.000,00 kr
Maserati  Race Transportset